About us

Majd International Company, having about 20 years’ experience in Iran and other countries has been registered and started to work as a holding in Turkey. Mentioned great productive - service - economic Company using its previous experiences and aiming at helping residents in Turkey, provides the following services:

  • Constructing and equipping residential, official, commercial units, hotel and ….
  • Producing and sale plastic parts, automobile parts and ….
  • Exporting and importing all metal and petrochemical products and its derivatives…..
Subset companies of Majd International include:
  • Majd Sazan Shahr ( familiar brand in construction industry in Iran)
  • Bist Plastic Shahr, a great and reputed manufacturer in producing all kinds of plastic and automobile parts.
Also, this company is proud of cooperation with great companies like Safa Industrial, Ferdous Petro Ahan, Pichkar Poulad, Part Bargh etc. We hope that attract the confidence of all our compatriots with our honesty and effort.