Receiving residency in Turkey

Turkey is a country in which it can be receive residency and live there easily. But an important issue is that the kind of residency of person should be consistence with his/her immigration goals and reach him/her to his/her goals...

Generally, residency in turkey for foreign citizens is possible in several ways:

Residency, first type / tourist residency:

Tourist residency is considered as the easiest type of residency in Turkey. After entering Turkey, a foreigner can obtain a one-year or two-year temporary residence permit in two ways: purchasing or renting a home. It should be noted that this residence must be annually to be renewed. This type of residency allows the resident to stay or enter or exit in turkey up to its expiring as desired. Also some rights like opening a bank and registering water and electricity and internet ratings can be obtained easily. Tourist residency is considered as the easiest way to obtain a residence in Turkey, because it associates with foreign currency for country. In this way you should first rent or buy a home. Renting home is done as follows: foreigner, after entering to turkey proceeds to enroll in site of immigration department. Mentioned site assign between several weeks to two months to applicant. Required documents like identity ones and also leasing contract and insurance for foreigners are prepared and delivered to immigration department on assigned deadline. Kimlik Card will be sent to address of home after one month. About purchasing home, at first home should be purchased and its title deed must be received which lasts about one and half month. Because it must be confirmed by interior ministry of turkey. Not being close to military zones or density lower than twenty percent foreigner in that zone are issues considered by interior ministry. After confirmation of interior ministry and regulation of title deed in the name of purchaser, and on referring to immigration department title deed of purchased home instead of leasing contract is delivered to immigration department. General requirements for leasing home in Istanbul:

  • You must have valid passport or Kimlik for leasing property in turkey (or paper for applying residency permission or Randow)
  • Deposit, generally equal to amount for one or two months' rent which must be paid at first.
  • Rent of each month must be paid on deadline mentioned in contract.
  • On the contrary of Iran which rent should be paid at the end of each month, it must be paid at the beginning of month in turkey.
  • Increasing rents according to law and its amount is 10% of agreed rent.
  • If each of parties wants to terminate lease contract before decline, it must be noted 2 months earlier to other party.
  • If tenant wants to discharge home before deadline, generally deposit will not be returned, otherwise on contracting, the other agreement has been done.
  • Paying charges of building (returns) and consumption receipts is undertaken by tenant.
  • Mentioning the name of persons over 18 years old is required in leasing contract.
  • Any previous damage in property's utilities must be fixed by owner. If damage is created on residence of tenant, charge of repair is undertaken by tenant.
  • If in contract it was noted that painted apartment has been delivered to tenant, tenant must deliver painted property to owner.
  • The commission fee of real estate agencies, by law, is 12% of the total annual rent.
  • In general, the tenant must pay an agreed deposit amount plus the first month's rental amount to the owner and commission fee to real estate to delivery of the leased property.
  • On discharging property, charge for cleaning apartment is undertaken by tenant.
  • Receipt of paid rent in each month is required.
  • Owner cannot ask to discharge property without reasonable plea.
  • In case of complain of neighbors from tenant or creating disruption for residents, owner can ask for discharging his/her property
  • You also need to know the use of accredited offices and authorized housing consultants is the safest way for renting a home in Istanbul, it is considered a foreigner. If you are not mastered Turkish language, being accompanied by a reliable interpreter and a reliable is initial requirement. We also recommend that be sure that the property is vacant (especially if you want it furnished). Sometimes it has been seen when the previous tenant was traveling, the property was leased by unknown brokers.


Type II Residence / Academic Residence:

The second type of residence is academic residence. To obtain such a residence permit, one of centers under the Ministry of Education or the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, must confirm the application of the applicant. If the applicant's academic admission is made when this person Resided in Iran, this person by letter of admission to one of the study centers, receives an educational visa, then enters Turkey by the same visa and pass the steps for obtaining visa. To get this kind of residence, you must enter Turkey with an education visa. Because one cannot enter by one kind of visa then receives another kind of visa. For instance, one cannot enter by tourist visa then get educational residence. A tourist arrived and then received a residence permit Also in the process of obtaining a citizenship with a residence permit for a job that is 5 years, about educational residence, half of the five years of study accounts part of those 5 years. If you want to get this kind of residency, you have to get admission from universities in this country or you are being study. The only difference with a normal one-year stay is the removal of the leasing contract.

Type III Residence / Business Residence:

The third type of residence is the accommodation obtained by working. In this way that, by getting a job in a Turkish company and after being insured, you get a work residence. The most important and in fact the most advantageous type of Turkish residence is via formal working in one of Turkish company. Official work is treated as insurance. One should be in a company that is qualified to hire a foreigner A work residence is a residence where the applicant enters Turkey through official work. To get work residence, two internal and external methods can be done:

Applying for a work residence from inside of Turkey:

Acting from the inside is that the applicant first arrives in Turkey with a leasing contract or title deed and proceeds to get tourist residence. Then with employment documents he\she change his/her residence to work residence together with employment documents. This method is called obtaining a work residence through acting from inside.

Applying for a work residence from outside of Turkey:

The company or employer documents are first prepared and presented to the applicant. Then in that country is handed over to the embassy. At this point the Turkish embassy provides a tracking code for the applicant. In the next step, the applicant will submit the tracking code and the institute pursues legal affairs through the Turkish Ministry of Labor and insurance will be registered since the first month. It is worth noting that work residence can be done in companies that have hired at least 5 Turkish; in fact, one foreigner can be hired for 5 Turkish. The second requirement is that the founding company should has an amount of more than 4,000 TL. The third condition is that the rights intended for the foreigner must be one and a half time to the minimum wage approved in Turkey. In this way, the foreigner is able to establish a company in which he / she can hire 5 Turkish citizens. If the company has a capital of more than 100000 TL, a person is able to apply work residence. It should be noted that the cost of obtaining a residence in this way is high, because the cost of insuring Turkish employees will be borne by this person. So if this method is purely for obtaining a work residence, it is not affordable, so if your goal is getting a work residence, this method is not recommended because of listed high costs and conditions. It is better for people to obtain a work residence that aims for establishment of company and doing business in Turkey.

Residence via Buying Property:

You can easily own a home in Istanbul and homes with Different conditions and facilities depending on your budget are offered to you.

Important Things to Buy a property:

At the beginning of any action to buy and invest property, consult with a lawyer or consultant and civil rights expert in Turkey and go your own way step by step with them. Purchase property with a minimum of US $ 250000 approved by the Ministry of Urban Development and housing the Republic of Turkey on the condition that the property purchased for at least three years cannot be sold, is one of the requirements for obtaining a passport.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment:

  • People who bring industrial facilities to Turkey or provide extraordinary service -scientific, technical, economic, social, sports, cultural and artistic areas or offer specific recommendations to the relevant ministries.
  • Foreigners and those who have a residence permit under the International Human Rights Protection Act - and those who have a blue card, their foreign spouse, minor children or their dependents.
  • Those who are legally required to accept Turkish citizenship.
  • Foreigners regarded as immigrants can obtain Turkish citizenship - only by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, if such persons don’t have any problem because of national security and public order.
  • On the other hand, foreigners who meet the following criteria are evaluated in this regards and can be granted Turkish citizenship exclusively by the decision of the Council of Ministers:
  • Fixed investment of $ 500000 approved by the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Turkey.
  • Purchasing property with a minimum of US $ 250000 approved by the Ministry of Urban Development and housing the Republic of Turkey on the condition that the property purchased for at least three years to be not sell.
  • Employment of at least 50 Turkish nationals approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Republic of Turkey
  • Holding a minimum of US $ 500000 in a bank in Turkey approved by the Banking Control and Security Bureau of the Republic of Turkey on the condition that this amount must not be withdrawn for three years.
  • The provisions for Turkish Citizenship Law have been added to Article 20 which regulates the terms to receive an exception to nationality in turkey. this decision is to get nationality of turkey for whom invest all kinds of defined investments. According to this law, by investment in real estate in the form of joint stock with an investment of one and a half million dollars provided that this investment is maintained for at least three years, Citizenship of the Republic of Turkey can be obtained.

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