Buying a House in Istanbul:

Property purchasing in Istanbul in 2019 due to the entry into force of the new citizenship law in Turkey experienced remarkable growth rapidly.
Many immigrants and investors from different countries came to Turkey and especially to Istanbul to buy property in Istanbul and get citizenship while investing in a growing economy will have the opportunity to live in the confluence of Europe and Asia.
This led to positive economic growth for Turkey in 2017-2019 and this process continues.
But if you want to know why invest in buying a home in Istanbul or buying a property in Istanbul is attractive for investors, read carefully:
By residency by buying property in Istanbul, at any price, the owner, his wife and children can apply for a residence permit and renew it every year.
Obviously by buying a house in Istanbul for $ 250,000, the owner after legal procedures can obtain Turkish citizenship card and enjoy all citizenship rights. Buying a home in Istanbul will give you both the ideal living opportunity and in your absence, you will have the opportunity to make money in Istanbul.
Also, the Turkish government has a good investment and social security It has provided tourists and especially for property buyers and investors to invest in Turkey with imagination easily.
The cost of living, the cost of living in Turkey and Istanbul is much lower than the cost of living in other European countries. By buying a house in Istanbul, you can enjoy low-cost European-style life, new experience in social life, two cultures and civilizations in one country.
Property prices in Istanbul or other Turkish cities are clearly lower than the purchase price in another European country. Although the standard of living in Turkey and social welfare is a kind of European laws, regulations and lifestyles.
Adjacent to the seas, mountains and landscapes ideal create opportunities and Provides tourism, and wherever the tourist is present, few opportunities will flourish alongside it. Istanbul as the heart of Turkish tourism has a wide variety of natural, traditional and modern beauties.

What are the Benefits of Buying Property in Istanbul?
The real estate market in Istanbul is making a qualitative leap in investment and unique partnerships have come in recent years. Based on the statistical certification of the institutions statistics released in early 2019, Istanbul home buying index is still on the rising.
Accordingly, we give important tips about buying a home in Istanbul and some items that you have to take note and what you need to know when buying an apartment in Istanbul, we note:
Do foreigners have the right to buy property in Istanbul and Turkey?
Article 35 of the Turkish Property Law, issued in 2012 on property rights, regarding the ownership of foreign nationals in Turkey has been stated that a foreigner has right to own the property and apartments in Turkey, provided that what she buys is portable. It means that it is a building structure, not a wooden or prefabricated house.
It is not located in a military area or generally on government-owned land
Subject to these laws being passed, immigrants and foreigners have the right to buy exclusively residential property.
What is the most important property buying property in Istanbul?
When thinking about buying a property in Istanbul, you should ask yourself these questions:
What is the purpose of buying property in Istanbul?
Why is Turkey specifically your choice?
How to choose the right apartment and who will help me?
What is the Truth about applying for Citizenship by buying a property and what are its Steps?
Where is the best place to choose for my family in Turkish regions and cities?
And many other questions, which it will be necessary for the safety and convenience of your choice. For Investing and buying property in Istanbul and maybe in the suburbs it is important to know the answers to these questions.
It means having a solid target for investment, there is many reasons to think about investing in Turkey and luckily many of it the reasons are completely positive.
Remember when you invest $ 250,000 in buying property in Turkey. You should not move or sell property for up to three years. Then you get included in issuing a Turkish passport or citizenship.
By law, to real estate buyers, spouses and children under 18, Turkish citizenship is granted. Implementation of this law within a relatively short period of time is done.

Renting house in Istanbul:

  • You must have valid passport or Kimlik for leasing property in turkey (or paper for applying residency permission or Randow)
  • Deposit, generally equal to amount for one or two months' rent which must be paid at first.
  • Rent of each month must be paid on deadline mentioned in contract.
  • On the contrary of Iran which rent should be paid at the end of each month, it must be paid at the beginning of month in turkey.
  • Increasing rents according to law and its amount is 10% of agreed rent.
  • If each of parties wants to terminate lease contract before decline, it must be noted 2 months earlier to other party.
  • If tenant wants to discharge home before deadline, generally deposit will not be returned, otherwise on contracting, the other agreement has been done.
  • Paying charges of building (returns) and consumption receipts is undertaken by tenant.
  • Mentioning the name of persons over 18 years old is required in leasing contract.
  • Any previous damage in property's utilities must be fixed by owner. If damage is created on residence of tenant, charge of repair is undertaken by tenant.
  • If in contract it was noted that painted apartment has been delivered to tenant, tenant must deliver painted property to owner.
  • The commission fee of real estate agencies, by law, is 12% of the total annual rent.
  • In general, the tenant must pay an agreed deposit amount plus the first month's rental amount to the owner and commission fee to real estate to delivery of the leased property.
  • On discharging property, charge for cleaning apartment is undertaken by tenant.
  • Receipt of paid rent in each month is required.
  • Owner cannot ask to discharge property without reasonable plea.
  • In case of complain of neighbors from tenant or creating disruption for residents, owner can ask for discharging his/her property
  • You also need to know the use of accredited offices and authorized housing consultants is the safest way for renting a home in Istanbul, it is considered a foreigner. If you are not mastered Turkish language, being accompanied by a reliable interpreter and a reliable is initial requirement. We also recommend that be sure that the property is vacant (especially if you want it furnished). Sometimes it has been seen when the previous tenant was traveling, the property was leased by unknown brokers.